Stepping Forward Into Self-Love and Compassion

I help individuals discover their value and worth.


Change the negative voice in your head that has been telling you you aren’t good enough, or deserving.


I help you find inner peace and acceptance while you meet new parts of yourself.


The anxiety, sadness and overwhelmed feelings are not where the story ends.

Toronto Psychotherapy Services


Parenting is tough. Child counselling can make your work as a parent a little less difficult to navigate. If you feel like the connection and communication between your family is strained or if your child is struggling to self regulate and understand their big emotions - I can help. I can offer support and tools to rebuild your family connection through positive parenting.

Do you feel like you are carrying the burden of a busy life on your shoulders and no longer recognize the person in the mirror? Individual psychotherapy counselling sessions can provide a safe space for you to foster self love, and learn skills to increase your worth and make sustainable changes to find your full potential.

Are you noticing mood changes or differences in your teen but don’t know how to help? We all remember how difficult high school could be, but sometimes it can be hard to understand how things have changed. As a Psychotherapist, I work with teens every day to help them build self-confidence, understand their emotions, and build resilience to carry them through their adult lives. 


About Krista Huyer

Hi I am Krista, a Psychotherapist working in Toronto. I love working with children, youth and women. I have learned through personal experience and professional education how to navigate feelings of mental exhaustion and misunderstanding. 

 I have always felt passionate and connected to helping individuals find their voice, recognize their worth and feel empowered in their own skin. Everyone deserves to feel heard, valued and seen, and I work with clients just like you to achieve just that! 

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