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Clinical Supervision

Reflect and refine your practice

Individual and Group Supervision

Whether you are in your practicum, have just started seeing clients or are decades in the field, you may need to seek out Clinical Supervision for CRPO requirements.

Are you looking to gain insight, knowledge, experience and to sharpen your skills? With ongoing feedback that is designed to support you and help you grow, I will provide a learning environment where you can collaborate and nurture your professional development.

Supervision is like a guiding light for mental health professionals. It offers a structured space where therapists can reflect on their work, get advice and grow under the guidance of an experienced supervisor.

The purpose:
Skill development: Supervisors help therapists refine their clinical skills, like how to build rapport with clients and choose techniques that align with you.
Reflective practice: Therapists reflect on their work, think about how they can improve and understand their own biases and feelings about their clients.
Ethical guidance: Supervisors help therapists navigate tricky ethical situations and make sure they're following professional standards.

Professional growth: Supervisors guide therapists in setting goals for their careers and continuing to learn and improve.

Supervisors and therapists work together in a collaborative relationship. Supervision within Krista Huyer Psychotherapy can happen one-one-one or in groups.

You can expect case discussions, skill building, self reflection, goal setting, and some fun! As well as a strong focus on relationships, and working to better understand self and others through this work.

Supervision fees:
Individual Supervision: $140 per 50 minutes, as needed, online.

Group Supervision: $70 per 120 minutes. Biweekly, online.

We are a good fit if your therapeutic approach is about breaking through cookie cutter techniques and utilizing holistic practices. I will support as you work through your own unique relationship to clients. I also place a strong focus on nurturing identity and impact as a therapist and using collective wisdom and support, both through self and others.

As a therapist and supervisor, I draw from approaches ranging from body based somatics, emotional processing, IFS and a trauma informed lens.

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Biweekly Group Supervision

Join our ongoing group dedicated to fostering connection, growth, & self awareness. Are you in search of a nurturing community as you complete supervision? Immerse yourself in our group for authentic connections and personal growth. Build lasting bonds with therapists who share your passion, exchanging experiences, overcoming challenges, and celebrating triumphs together. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and professional development through collaborative learning and thought-provoking discussions in a non-judgemental environment. You can anticipate conversations on topics such as compassion, embodied healing, relationships, attunement, curiosity, trauma, SEUS and self awareness.


Wednesday 11:00-12:30pm

Friday 3:00pm-4:30pm



No commitment necessary

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