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Are you..

  • Navigating a lot of 'undiagnosable' symptoms?

  • Aware that your physical health is connected to your mental health but unsure where and how to start healing?

  • Looking to test, not guess?

  • Wanting concrete evidence of what your body is trying to tell you?

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) offers a blueprint of your biochemistry. It is a soft tissue test that measures the minerals found in your hair. Since trace minerals are essential for body function, we can use the screening to understand your overall health. And human hair is very effective for mineral and heavy metal exposure—that means you can discover issues not found with traditional blood tests. 

More importantly, these minerals are only obtained from the food you eat. Food is medicine, so the HTMA test can help find root issues, not just treat symptoms. This can have a huge impact on your mental health. It is very hard to deal with stress and anxiety if your body is empty and depleted. You may need more support, on a biological level. Once you understand your body’s physical needs, the therapeutic process can improve. It's adding nutrition into wellness.

Htma is the only test I will be providing in my work. As a therapist, this is such a beautiful opportunity to know how to support you better.

What we can see from an HTMA
  • mineral status
  • hormone ratios
  • metabolic type
  • thyroid and adrenal function
  • stages of stress
  • blood sugar balance
  • digestive dysfunction
  • toxic heavy metal load
  • vitality ratio
  • nervous system supports needed

HTMA Package: $200.

At this time I am offering HTMA packages that include a 15 minute consult, mailed lab test and a 50 minute session to review results and go over your protocol.

Re-tests are encouraged within 3-6 months to reassess.

HTMA packages are available whether you are a client or not.

Please enquire.


HTMA Tests

Minerals are the spark plugs of the body

HTMA gives you the roadmap to exactly what your body is asking of you

"HTMA shows how the body's energy system is out of balance & how to use nutrition and diet to correct it.

Once the body's energy and stamina are restored, it can heal other problems on it's own"
- Edward Gogek

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