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Discover how to holistically care for your body

What do we do in Holistic Nutrition? 

  • Embrace whole body well-being

  • Discover the gentle support needed to sustain a harmonious state of health. 

  • Learn how to nourish the body with a diverse array of nutrients.

  • Recognize the unique cravings of your body and how to fulfill those natural needs. 


Nutrition has an intimate connection with mental health. Simply put, what you eat affects your levels of stress and anxiety. Likewise, your inner state impacts how your body functions. That connected relationship is how we can use food as a gateway to healing. We approach mental health and the body as a holistic union.  

Together, let's examine your biochemistry to make lasting changes. We will do things like: 

  • Use certain foods to address low energy levels. 

  • Add missing nutrients to your diet to support your nervous system. 

  • Complete assessments to find problems related to your digestion and metabolism. 

  • Discover wise diet choices that enhance your mood. 

  • Uncover body imbalances (hormonal, blood-sugar, sleep schedules) to manage food cravings and lower stress. 

Most importantly, you have a unique body that requires an individual blueprint, both mentally and physically. There is a lot of “noise” around nutrition and diets—but you deserve personal guidance that treats you as YOU. A holistic understanding of your body's nutritional needs deepens the emotional relationship you have with yourself.  

Nutritional support is not a requirement, but an additional component to my work with clients. I am a therapist first and hope to marry nutrition into our work.

Holistic Nutrition

Whole body wellness

What can I expect with Holistic Nutrition?

A nutritional session will consist of assessments, thorough questions, food tracking/meal prep, understanding your own biochemistry and discussing if nutritional testing is appropriate for you.

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