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How to improve self esteem

Self esteem, confidence, self love are quite the buzz words these days- and for good reason! Its so important and something that many of us wrestle with. However, what isn't discussed enough and plays a huge role in self esteem, is the relationship we have with ourself and providing self compassion. Improving our self esteem isn't just about words of affirmation, or standing in front of the mirror saying we like ourself- sometimes, that doesn't even help at all!

We need to be in relationship with ourself.

How do you know you like a friend, or a new date? You spend time with them.

You ask them questions. You do fun things together. You get vulnerable. You share, listen, understand.

The same needs to be done to strengthen the relationship with ourself. When we ask questions, when we listen, when we understand, we build that trust and security. We build a relationship that has a foundation fuelled with compassion. A true sense of compassion toward ourself will increase self esteem. When we provide care, nurture and understanding towards ourselves, it increases the ability to like ourself and feel good in our skin.

That can be challenging if it feels like we are starting from scratch, rebuilding that solid foundation from within. If that feels like an uphill climb, I would be so honoured to work alongside you. Everyone deserves to feel heard, seen and understood.

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